Meet No.11, located in the heart of Beverly Hills. We were tasked with creating a space that was both elegant and inviting, with a focus on warm color tones, unique design elements, and beautiful materials.

We incorporated a combination of terrazzo and chevron wood flooring throughout the restaurant, creating a beautiful contrast that added a touch of sophistication to the space. We also added arch-shaped elements throughout the restaurant, including windows, the bar, and wall elements, to create a sense of continuity and flow.

To add warmth to the space, we used a palette of greens and burgundy, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The furniture was designed with curves in mind, creating a sense of comfort and relaxation for diners.

As guests entered the restaurant, they were immediately struck by the beautiful ball-shaped light fixtures that that were placed all around the restaurant, casting a warm glow over the space. The walls were adorned with beautiful stone pieces that added to the overall elegance of the space.



Beverly Hills, California



January 01 2023

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