Sofiov design team was thrilled to take on the challenge of modernizing Congregation Am Echad's synagogue. With a focus on creating a contemporary space while still honoring the traditions and history of the synagogue, we began by incorporating white oak wall coverings throughout the space.

To create a dramatic look and a focal point, we added tall boards of copper with LED lighting in between them, which served as a stunning background to the Aron Kodesh Torah Ark. The Aron Kodesh Torah Ark was custom designed, incorporating a unique star of David pattern that we created, as well as arch elements on the top and a LED center light fixture that was embedded in the furniture.

One of the most notable design elements of the project was a custom-designed large skylight cylinder shape in the center of the round dome ceiling. This was a magnificent feature that added a sense of grandeur to the space, with small star-like lights around the ceiling to add a touch of magic.

We were honored to work on this project and to help bring Congregation Am Echad's synagogue into the modern era while still maintaining the sacred and spiritual feel of the space.



1504 Meridian Ave San Jose, CA 95125



February 01 2023

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